This website was established and is being maintained by WebData Technology Corporation. The purpose of the website is to promote responsible pet-ownership by educating potential pet owners and helping them choose the right pet to match their lifestyle. We believe that a large percentage of homeless pets are given up because they are not the right fit for the person or family to begin with. Yes, there are certainly many pets that lose their homes for perfectly legitimate reasons, such as the death or disability of the former owners. But other times the former owner might give a lame excuse for giving up the family dog when the real reason is that the dog is just not fitting in well with the family. No amount of training will help a super-energetic dog whose owner just wants a quiet lap dog to snuggle with. By taking the time now to choose the right pet, you will be saving yourselves and the animals a lot of needless anguish and frustration. If you know anyone else who's thinking of getting a pet, please direct them here.

We would also appreciate any comments or suggestions from individuals and/or rescue/shelter organizations. We are in the planning stages of creating a network of rescue groups to help reach more potential pet owners through the internet. More information will be posted about that soon.

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