Adopting a Puppy or Dog From a Pet Store Adoption Event

Many of the more progressive pet stores have now come to the realization that selling puppy-mill puppies is a bad, bad idea. Instead, they are now working together with animal shelters and rescue groups to hold adoption events in the stores.
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This is a very welcome change. These events are typically held on weekends, when the rescue/shelter volunteers bring some of their most adoptable pets to the pet stores to show to the public. This is a good opportunity for the shelters and rescues to reach a different group of potential adopters. As they say, different strokes for different folks - some people will absolutely not look through lists of adoptable dogs on websites, but if they can walk into a pet store and "browse" through some cute dogs wagging their tails and showing off their irresistable personalities, they will choose that option rather than buying a puppy-mill puppy. Some rescue/shelter groups hold similar adoption events in places other than pet stores. For example, many groups bring "adoption vans" to busy shopping areas or other outdoor community centers. It's basically the same idea carried out in different settings.



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