Buying a Purebred Puppy From a Pet Store



There is a reason why nearly all veterinarians will strongly recommend AGAINST buying puppies from pet stores. They work with these dogs every day and see the long-term problems they have. Of course there will be exceptions and you might personally know someone with a dog that came from a pet store and doesn't have any of the above mentioned problems. What we are talking about is the much, much higher chance for problems. You might not know this, but reputable breeders do not profit from breeding dogs - they lose money instead. They breed dogs for their love of the breed and their desire to help preserve or better the breed. Every single breed has health problems you need to test for in order to be sure the dogs you choose to breed have the best genes to pass on to their puppies. All those tests cost money, not to mention proper nutrition and veterinary care for the pregnant bitches and their puppies. If you think about it, why is it that pet stores can sell puppies at a profit, pay for all their overhead costs, then pass on a small piece of the pie to the puppy mills, and yet the puppy mills are still able to make a profit from what small amount of money's left for them? It is simply not possible to cut corners every which way and still produce quality puppies. If you look at the human-counterpart of this, you will see that all governments and medical insurance companies will happily cover the expenses of prenatal care and pediatric care in order to prevent much more costly long-term medical problems in the babies. If you are still not convinced, please take a few minutes to read Sammy's Story.

So what will happen to all those puppies if everyone's told not to buy them from pet stores? Well, that's a fair question. But unfortunately, as long as people keep buying puppies from pet stores, those puppy mills will keep producing more puppies. That puppy you buy from the pet store out of pity is only going to be replaced by another one who will suffer from the same health and behavioral problems. If you really want to save a life, the better option would be for you to adopt a puppy or dog from a rescue group or animal shelter instead.

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Page Last Updated: October 4, 2021

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