Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Breed origin: Alapaha River region of Southern Georgia, USA
Original purpose: Guardian of family and property.

AKC recognized: No

Size: Weight: males 75 to 95 lbs; females 60 to 70 lbs
Size: Height: males 22 to 26 inches; females smaller
Color: Brown, red, blue, white, or black.

Life span: 10 to 13 years.

General characteristics/temperament: The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is described as a trainable, dutiful, and very capable guardian of family and property. With proper socialization and training, they make wonderful companions. However, because of their size and strength, as well as their highly protective nature, they are not recommended for first time dog owners.

Good with children? Possible with proper socialization and training.

Good with other dogs? Possible with proper socialization and training. They don't usually start fights with other dogs, but if provoked, they won't back away from a fight.

Good watchdog? Excellent

Protective? Highly

OK for inexperienced owners? No

Intelligent? Yes

Energy/Activity Level: Moderate

Suitable canine sports/activities: carting, weight pulling

Exercise requirement: A long walk twice daily plus outdoor play sessions.

Grooming requirement: Brush occasionally to remove any dead hairs as they are considered average shedders. Bath only when necessary.

Known health problems: Entropion.

Recommended books for further reading:

The Bully Breeds
By David Harris
Published in 2008
200 pages

The Story of the Real Bulldog
By Robert Jenkins and Ken Mollett
Published in 1997
160 pages

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