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Alaskan Malamute

Breed origin: Alaska
Original purpose: Arctic sled dog.

AKC recognized: 1935
AKC group: Working

Size: Weight: males around 85 lbs; females around 75 lbs
Size: Height: males around 25 inches; females around 23 inches
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Color: The usual colors range from light gray through intermediate shadings to black, sable, and shadings of sable to red. The only solid color allowable is all white. White is always the predominant color on underbody, parts of legs, feet, and part of face markings.

Life span: Up to 14 years.

General characteristics/temperament: The Alaskan Malamute is an affectionate, friendly dog, not a "one man" dog. They are loyal, devoted companions, playful in invitation, but generally impressive by their dignity after maturity. They are substantially built for strength and endurance but not for speed. Because they have extremely high energy levels, they need to run and play a lot. Without continuous physical and mental stimulation, they will become bored and resort to destructive activities. They will also try to challenge their owners for the top or "alpha" role, but must not be allowed to succeed given their large size and powerful built. The Alaskan Malamute's dense, weather-proof coat makes them ideally suitable for cold climates. They generally do not do well in very hot climates, but can tolerate it if given appropriate accomodations such as letting them play in baby pools filled with cold water in the summer time.

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Good with children? Not with very young children.

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Intelligent? Extremely

Energy/Activity Level: High

Good jogging partner? Yes

Suitable canine sports/activities: sledding

Exercise requirement: Alaskan Malamutes have very high energy levels and must be allowed to run and play outdoors every day.

Grooming requirement: Alaskan Malamutes shed constantly, and twice a year when they "blow" their coats they will shed excessively, which means you will see big chunks of dog hair everywhere in your house. The amount of hair might become a big problem especially if anyone in the household has allergies.

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