Also known as: Tuareg Sloughi

Breed origin: Endless arid regions of the south Sahara and the Sahel zone in Africa
Original purpose: Used by nomads of the South-Sahara for hunting and protecting the encampment and flocks from invaders.

AKC recognized: No
AKC group: Foundation Stock Service

Size: Weight: 30 to 55 lbs
Size: Height: 22 to 28 inches
Color: Many different colors, including red, sand, brindle, pied, blue, black, cream, and silver.

General characteristics/temperament: The Azawakh is a lean and graceful African sighthound with great agility and stamina. They are typically "one master" dogs and are highly independent and territorial and will display some feral behaviors. They are avoidant and suspicious of strangers, often to the point of being unapproachable, but can be very affectionate with those they accept. They make excellent training companions for runners because of their high energy and tremendous endurance. They are extremely tolerant of heat and will run happily even when it is 100 degrees Fahrenheit. They do not like the rain or cold weather.

Good watchdog? Yes

Protective? Yes

Energy/Activity Level: High

Good jogging partner? Excellent

Suitable canine sports/activities: lure coursing

Exercise requirement: Regular runs off lead in large enclosed areas.

Known health problems: Adult-onset idiopathic epilepsy, Wobbler disease.

Recommended books for further reading:

Dogs of Africa
By Sian Hall
Published in 2003
366 pages

Dog World Magazine September 2006 Issue
Published in 2006

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