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Also known as: Russian Wolfhound (official name prior to 1936)

Breed origin: Russia
Original purpose: Coursing of wild game on more or less open terrain, relying on sight rather than scent.

AKC recognized: 1891
AKC group: Hound

Size: Weight: males 75 to 105 lbs; females 55 to 90 lbs
Size: Height: males at least 28 inches; females at least 26 inches
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Color: Any color or combination of colors.

Life span: 7 to 12 years.

General characteristics/temperament: The Borzoi is courageous, agile, independent, sensitive, and elegant. Originally bred for the coursing of wild game by sight, their gentle nature also make them wonderful companions. They are affectionate with their own families, but can be stubborn at times and require patience and consistency with training. Borzois are typically very quiet, barking only very rarely.

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Good with other dogs? Yes

Good with cats? No

Good watchdog? No

Protective? No

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Intelligent? Yes

Easy to train? No

Suitable canine sports/activities: lure coursing, obedience, agility, conformation

Exercise requirement: Daily walks and/or exercise sessions in a fenced yard.

Grooming requirement: Brush frequently and bath occasionally.

Known health problems: Gastric dilatation volvulus, hip dysplasia, osteochondritis dessecans, progressive retinal atrophy, anesthesia sensitivity

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Borzoi (A Comprehensive Owner's Guide)
By Desiree Scott
Published in 2006
155 pages

The Russian Wolfhound or Borzoi (Its History, Breeding, Exhibiting and Care)
By Nellie L. Martin
Published in 2005
128 pages

The Complete Borzoi
By Lorraine Groshans
Published in 1981
287 pages

The Borzoi (The Dog Anthology)
Published in 2007
80 pages

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