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Also known as: British Bulldog, English Bulldog

Breed origin: British Isles
Original purpose: Bull baiting.

AKC recognized: 1886
AKC group: Non-Sporting

Size: Weight: males around 50 lbs; females around 40 lbs
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Color: Brindle, solid white, solid red, fawn or fallow, or piebald.

General characteristics/temperament: Bulldogs are equable, kind, courageous but not aggressive, dignified, loving, and gentle. They are very popular as family pets because of their gentle and protective nature and their tendency to from strong bonds with children. Their short nose makes them extremely prone to overheating in warm weather, so care must be taken to make sure they have plenty of water and a cool and shady place to escape the heat.

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Good with children? Yes

Protective? Yes

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Good jogging partner? No

Suitable canine sports/activities: rally, obedience, agility, conformation

Exercise requirement: Because of their short nose, Bulldogs are prone to overheating and do not tolerate strenuous workouts. However, a moderate exercise program will help keep them healthy and in optimum condition.

Grooming requirement: Many bulldogs are prone to skin conditions which can be minimized by brushing their coat thoroughly at least three times a week. More frequent brushing may be required during shedding season, typically in the spring and fall. The Bulldogs' nose roll and any other deep wrinkles also need to be cleansed daily to prevent infections caused by moisture accumulation.

Known health problems: Heat stroke, skin problems, cherry eye, allergies, dystocia.

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