Czechoslovakian Vlcak

Also known as: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Breed origin: Czechoslovakia

AKC recognized: No
AKC group: Foundation Stock Service

Size: Height: males at least 25½ inches; females at least 23½ inches
Color: Yellow-grey to silver-grey, with a light mask.

General characteristics/temperament: The Czechoslovakian Vlcak was originally created from crosses between German Shepherds and Carpathian wolves. They are quick, lively, very active, independent, fearless and courageous. They develop a very strong social relationship with the whole family. They do very well with other domestic animals which belong to the family, but can have problems when they encounter strange animals. It is extremely important to make sure these puppies are well socialized from a young age to get them used to different surroundings and different people. In addition, their passion for hunting must be subdued while they are still puppies in order to avoid aggressive behavior towards smaller animals once they're adults. Females of this breed tend to be more easily controllable, but both genders often experience a stormy adolescence. The Czechoslovakian Vlcak learns easily, but takes longer to train than traditional breeds. Their behavior is strictly puposeful, and must be given a motivation for training. They do not respond to long useless repetitions of the same exercise. They have very strong senses and are very good at following trails. They can be nocturnal if necessary. Barking is unnatural for Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs - they have a much wider range of means of expressing themselves and will try to communicate with their masters in other ways.

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OK for inexperienced owners? No

Intelligent? Yes

Easy to train? No

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