Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Breed origin: Cheviot Hills between England and Scotland
Original purpose: Hunting the otter and the badger.

AKC recognized: 1886
AKC group: Terrier

Size: Weight: 18 to 24 lbs
Size: Height: 8 to 11 inches
Color: Pepper or mustard.

General characteristics/temperament: The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is independent, determined, reserved, dignified, and intelligent. They are affectionate with their family, but tenacious and bold in a working situation. They make an excellent house dog because they are intelligent, generally good with children, and an excellent guard. They are adaptable and can be happy as an apartment dog or with an active family spending lots of time outdoors. They are true terriers, but are not "noisy" dogs and are less "high strung" than most terrier breeds. They are independent, have a mind of their own and will sometimes obey a command reluctantly.

Good with children? Yes

Good watchdog? Yes

Protective? Yes

OK in apartments? Yes

Intelligent? Yes

Energy/Activity Level: Moderate

Suitable canine sports/activities: obedience, earthdog

Exercise requirement: Daily walks and/or play sessions in the yard.

Grooming requirement: They shed very little but should be brushed regularly to remove loose hair and prevent mats. Frequent plucking to remove the longest hairs will improve the texture and color of the coat. If the coat is not maintained properly for a long period, it may be need to be stripped down close to the skin. Stripping will leave only the undercoat and the dogs may appear white, but after a few months the coat will grow in to proper length and texture.

Known health problems: Glaucoma.

Recommended books for further reading:

Dandie Dinmont Terrier (A Comprehensive Owner's Guide)
By Betty-Anne Stenmark, Isabelle Francais, and Heidi B. Martin
Published in 2006
155 pages

Dandie Dinmont Terrier (A Complete and Reliable Handbook)
By William M. Kirby
Published in 1998
93 pages

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