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Nickname: Leo

Breed origin: Leonberg, Germany
Original purpose: Livestock guardian and drafting dog.

AKC recognized: Not yet
AKC group: Miscellaneous Class

Size: Weight: males 120 to 170 lbs; females 110 to 140 lbs
Size: Height: males 28 to 31½ inches; females 25½ to 29½ inches
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Color: Lion-yellow, golden to red-brown and all combinations thereof, each with a black mask.

Life span: 6 to 8 years.

General characteristics/temperament: The Leonberger is self-assured, calm, steady, vigilant, playful, sensitive, and obedient. They are willing to please and are typically fond of children. As a multi-purpose working dog, they excel in many different canine sports and activities. With proper socialization and obedience training, they make an ideal family dog. They do not adapt to being an outside dog, and must be made an integral part of a family. Many Leonbergers love to dig, and it would be best to provide them with an area in the yard for them to dig. They also love water, and are very happy if they have access to a lake, river, or ocean where they can swim. This also means they will roll in mud after it rains, and track mud all over the house. They are not recommended for fastidious housekeepers.

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Good with children? Yes

Good with other dogs? Yes

Good with cats? Yes

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Energy/Activity Level: High

Suitable canine sports/activities: obedience, agility, therapy, water rescue, carting

Exercise requirement: Hour-long walks daily, plus the chance for them to swim regularly if possible.

Grooming requirement: The double coat sheds heavily twice a year and moderately throughout the year. Because of their size, there will be large amounts of loose hair everywhere, especially during shedding season. Brush daily during shedding season, weekly throughout the year. The coat is waterproof and tends to shed dirt, and should not require frequent baths.

Known health problems: Hip dysplasia, osteochondritis dessicans, osteosarcoma, cataracts, polyneuropathy, eosinophilic panosteitis, Addison's disease, gastric dilatation volvulus, entropion, ectropion.

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Published in 2005
155 pages

By Angela White
Published in 2000
208 pages

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