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Miniature Pinscher

Nickname: Min Pins

Breed origin: Germany
Original purpose: Efficient barnyard ratter.

AKC recognized: 1925
AKC group: Toy

Size: Height: 10 to 12½ inches
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Color: Solid clear red; stag red (red with intermingling of black hairs); black with rust-red markings; chocolate with rust-red markings.

General characteristics/temperament: The Miniature Pinscher is spirited, fearless, animated, proud, vigorous, and alert. They are energetic and playful, and thrive on interaction with their owners. They need plenty of exercise and a securely fenced area where they can run around and play. They are aloof with strangers and are very protective of their family. Despite their small size, they are not suitable for apartments because of their need for exercise and their strong guarding instincts which lead to barking and many noise complaints. They have little patience and do not tolerate rough play with children. Close supervision is a must around children, as is socialization and obedience training.

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Good with children? Only with well-behaved children and with proper socialization and supervision.

Good watchdog? Yes

Protective? Yes

OK in apartments? No

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Energy/Activity Level: High

Suitable canine sports/activities: obedience

Exercise requirement: They must have a fenced yard or access to a dog park where they can run safely off-leash. Daily leash walks are not enough to meet their exercise requirements.

Grooming requirement: A quick brushing a few times a week is all the coat needs. Bathing tends to dry out the coat. Wiping the coat periodically with a warm, damp washcloth is usually sufficient to keep it clean.

Known health problems: Patellar luxation, cervical (dry) disc, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, heart defects, eye problems.

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The Miniature Pinscher
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