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Pharaoh Hound

Breed origin: Egypt
Original purpose: Hunting dog.

AKC recognized: 1983
AKC group: Hound

Size: Weight: 40 to 60 lbs
Size: Height: males 23 to 25 inches; females 21 to 24 inches
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Color: Ranging from tan/rich, tan/chestnut with white markings.

General characteristics/temperament: The Pharaoh Hound is intelligent, friendly, affectionate, alert, and playful. They are very fast and have a strong hunting instinct. Careful supervision is required around cats and other small pets. They can be stubborn, but are generally willing to please and are very trainable. They need to have access to a securely fenced area where they can safely run off-leash.

Good watchdog? Yes

Protective? No

Intelligent? Yes

Energy/Activity Level: High

Suitable canine sports/activities: obedience, agility, lure coursing, conformation

Exercise requirement: They need a good run every day. Daily walks alone are not enough.

Grooming requirement: They are low shedders and only need a quick rub with a hound glove periodically.

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Recommended books for further reading:

Pharaoh Hound (A Comprehensive Owner's Guide)
By Juliette Cunliffe
Published in 2004
160 pages

Pharaoh Hounds
By Sue M. Sefscik
Published in 1997
192 pages

Pharaoh Hound
By Pauline Block and Rita Laventhall Sacks
Published in 1986
96 pages

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