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Rhodesian Ridgeback

Nickname: African Lion Hound

Breed origin: Africa
Original purpose: Hunt lions and protect families.

AKC recognized: 1955
AKC group: Hound

Size: Weight: males 80 to 90 lbs; females 65 to 75 lbs
Size: Height: males 25 to 27 inches; females 24 to 26 inches
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Color: Light wheaten to red wheaten.

Life span: 10 to 14 years.

General characteristics/temperament: The Rhodesian Ridgeback is dignified, even-tempered, strong, athletic, active, sensitive, loyal, and affectionate. They like to be near their family, but are reserved with strangers. They are capable of great endurance and speed. Once mature, they are generally very good with children, and are protective of their family. They have a strong prey drive, and are easily able to clear high fences. Care must be taken to keep them from chasing cats or squirrels into the street.

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Good with children? Yes, but young dogs might knock over small children by accident.

Good with other dogs? Yes

Good with cats? No. Most have a high prey drive and will chase cats.

Good watchdog? Yes

Protective? Yes

OK for inexperienced owners? No

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Intelligent? Yes

Easy to train? No

Energy/Activity Level: Moderate

Good jogging partner? Yes

Suitable canine sports/activities: conformation, lure coursing, agility, obedience, tracking, therapy

Exercise requirement: Daily romp in the back yard or park and longer trips to the park twice a week. More would be better, but they can adapt.

Grooming requirement: Brush weekly and bathe occasionally as needed. They are very clean dogs with little odor and minimal shedding if brushed regularly.

Known health problems: Dermoid sinus, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, cataracts, cancer, degenerative myelopathy, deafness.

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