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Also known as: Gazelle Hound, Persian Greyhound

Breed origin: Egypt
Original purpose: Bringing down the gazelle and also hares.

AKC recognized: 1929
AKC group: Hound

Size: Height: males 23 to 28 inches; females considerably smaller
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Color: White, cream, fawn, golden, red, grizzle and tan, tricolor (white, black and tan), or black and tan.

Life span: 13 to 16 years.

General characteristics/temperament: The Saluki is dignified, gentle, graceful, spirited, intelligent, and sensitive. They have tremendous endurance and speed, and have a strong instinct to chase anything that runs. They should never be trusted off leash unless they are in a securely fenced area. They can easily jump over fences lower than five feet. Although they are quick learners, they can get bored with repetition and may not respond to commands when distracted by something worth chasing.

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Energy/Activity Level: Moderate

Suitable canine sports/activities: conformation, obedience, agility, lure coursing, tracking, flyball, therapy

Exercise requirement: They must have a fenced yard or access to a dog park where they can run safely off-leash.

Known health problems: Sensitivity to anesthetics, cancer.

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Recommended books for further reading:

Saluki: The Desert Hound and the English Travelers Who Brought It to the West
By Brian Patrick Duggan
Published in 2009
315 pages

Saluki (A Comprehensive Owner's Guide)
By Ann Chamberlain and Alice Van Kempen
Published in 2005
158 pages

The Complete Saluki
By Diana and Ken Allan
Published in 2000
160 pages

By Virginia M. Burch
Published in 1990
192 pages

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