Shiloh Shepherd

Breed origin: Germany
Original purpose: Herding dogs and guardians.

AKC recognized: No

Size: Weight: males 120 to 140 lbs; females 100 to 120 lbs
Size: Height: males 28 to 32 inches; females 26 to 29 inches
Color: Black with any shade of tan (including golden tan, reddish tan, silver, or cream), or solid golden, silver, red, dark brown, dark grey, black sable, black, or white.

General characteristics/temperament: The Shiloh Shepherd is strong, confident, courageous, calm, gentle, highly intelligent, loving, and loyal. They were bred to preserve the original qualities in the old style German Shepherd before its appearance and temperament gradually changed over the last few decades. Compared to the present day German Shepherds, Shiloh Shepherds are larger, have a straighter back, and are much less prone to hip dysplasia. They are gentle and calm with children and very protective of their family. Extremely intelligent and easy to train, they excel in many canine sports and activities.

Good with children? Yes

Good watchdog? Yes

Protective? Yes

Intelligent? Highly

Easy to train? Yes

Suitable canine sports/activities: obedience, agility, search and rescue, therapy, service, herding

Known health problems: Gastric dilatation volvulus, small intestine bacterial overgrowth syndrome, hip dysplasia (but much less common than most large breed dogs), osteochondritis, panosteitis.

Recommended books for further reading:

The Shiloh Shepherd Story: Against the Wind - A Breed is Born
By Tina M. Barber and Cinnamon Kennedy
Published in 2006
194 pages

Other websites for additional information:

Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America
Wikipedia breed information page

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