Toy Fox Terrier

Also known as: American Toy Terrier

Breed origin: USA
Original purpose: Hunting and companion dog.

AKC recognized: 2003
AKC group: Toy

Size: Weight: 3½ to 9 lbs
Size: Height: 8½ to 11½ inches
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Color: Tri-color; white, chocolate and tan; white and tan; white and black.

Life span: 14 to 15 years.

General characteristics/temperament: The Toy Fox Terrier is confident, spirited, intelligent, alert, friendly, outgoing, playful, courageous, and loyal. They are fast learners and are eager to please. They remain playful throughout their entire lives, and make great playmates for children. However, because of their small size, they do not tolerate rough handling by very young children. They are active dogs and need plenty of exercise, but their exercise requirements can easily be met with very little space, even without a yard.

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Good with children? Yes with older children.

Good watchdog? Yes

OK in apartments? Yes

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Intelligent? Yes

Easy to train? Yes

Energy/Activity Level: High

Suitable canine sports/activities: conformation, obedience, agility, flyball

Exercise requirement: They have high energy levels, but they are active indoors and generally take care of their own exercise needs by running around.

Grooming requirement: A quick brush weekly and an occasional bath is all the coat needs.

Known health problems: Demodectic mange, patellar luxation, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, von Willebrand's disease, hypothyroidism, allergies.

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Toy Fox Terrier (A Comprehensive Owner's Guide)
By Richard G. Beauchamp
Published in 2003
158 pages

The Toy Fox Terrier: Wired for Action
By John F. Davidson
Published in 2006
176 pages

The Toy Fox Terrier
By Eliza L. Hopkins and Cathy J. Flamholtz
Published in 1988
123 pages

Toy Fox Terriers
By Sherry Baker-Kreuger
Published in 1993
192 pages

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