Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Breed origin: Germany
Original purpose: Versatile hunting dog.

AKC recognized: 1887
AKC group: Sporting

Size: Weight: males 50 to 70 lbs; females 35 to 50 lbs
Size: Height: males 22 to 24 inches; females 20 to 22 inches
Color: Steel gray with brown markings, or roan, white and brown, white and orange.

Life span: 11 to 14 years.

General characteristics/temperament: The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is intelligent, friendly, outgoing, loving, and trustworthy. They are easy to train and show a tremendous willingness to please, making them an an excellent family dog as well as a versatile hunting companion. They need plenty of exercise, but are very laid back inside the house and generally do very well with children. They are superb swimmers and love water.

Good with children? Yes

Intelligent? Yes

Easy to train? Yes

Energy/Activity Level: Moderate

Suitable canine sports/activities: conformation, hunting, obedience, agility, tracking

Exercise requirement: Ideally, daily 20-minute romps in large secure areas.

Grooming requirement: The wire coat is low-shedding, but needs to be brushed regularly and stripped periodically. Bathe up to once a month as needed.

Known health problems: Hip dysplasia.

Recommended books for further reading:

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (A Comprehensive Owner's Guide)
By Nikki Moustaki
Published in 2006
155 pages

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